Building Codes Consulting

BCA Check offers a comprehensive range of code compliance consulting services for new and existing buildings. From the initial design inception to construction phase and final inspections, our focus is on providing quality and professional advice to meet the budgetary requirements and timeframes of our clients.

We provide specialist advice relating to fire safety, Building Code of Australia, bushfire planning and design, energy efficiency and accessibility to address BCA and Premises Standard provisions.

The BCA Check team of accredited building surveyors and fire safety specialists rely on 40+ years of combined code application experience to provide compliance options and design alternatives. Our areas of expertise include interpretation and application of the Building Code of Australia and related codes.

Our services include:

  • Provision of initial code-related advice to assist in the concept development process;
  • Consulting with the design team throughout the design development stages of a project;
  • Conducting plan-check reviews at critical design milestones;
  • Liaising with local and state government authorities to facilitate the application process;
  • Identifying cost-effective alternative design solutions to assure compliance with applicable codes and standards;
  • Providing design advice to address and resolve consent authority review comments;
  • Conducting staged inspections to verify implementation of design criteria.